The transition to a predominantly urban world

A series of blogs and interviews exploring what social, political and environmental factors cause cities to thrive or decline

58 entries

This series of blogs and interviews started in early 2020. It is curated by IIED senior fellow David Satterthwaite and examines the factors underlying urban trends and changes. Our readership figures show the blogs reach a wide and appreciative global audience.

Originally intended to contribute updates to an IIED working paper on this theme, its focus has shifted and expanded. The series has evolved to provide a channel for guest bloggers, predominantly from the global South and especially those working on the ground, to share their experiences and expertise.

The blogs examine many aspects of global urban change, with different themes emerging since those written before the pandemic. These include the challenges faced by community organisations and their key role in alleviating some of the worst effects of COVID-19 for the urban poor, deficiencies in local data needed to manage and govern cities, the role of women, and how slum upgrading schemes can also contribute to climate change adaptation. We expect to have a new blog every two weeks.