Our approach

We deliver original, rigorous research that helps to drive progress, support sustainable development and protect the environment. We identify local solutions that can work at scale and introduce these to global forums. 

A farmer’s market, Fort Portal, Uganda


IIED refreshes its strategy every five years to ensure we are tackling the issues that matter, while retaining a long-term vision that supports sustainable development and drives progress.

IIED Strategy 2019–2024


Partnerships are at the heart of our work – from citizen groups to multilateral organisations.

We work alongside over 350 partners in more than 60 countries to generate evidence and build capacity in order to drive change in policy and practice.

More about our partners


Our theory of change shows how we make change happen – from the way we monitor and evaluate our work to the way we communicate to drive policy change



We have a track record in finding solutions and testing practical approaches that deliver sustainable change. With partners, we put our insights into action. We scale them up. And we do it all to budget.

How we achieve impact at scale