Delivering LLA: lessons from the frontline of climate action

Side event

This London Climate Action Week side event shared locally led adaptation key messages from the global South to organisations and governments in the UK and Europe.

UN climate change conference (COP28)
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Last updated 16 August 2023
Woman picking weeds in a field of grass

A farmer in Beora, a small farming community in Rupandehi District, Nepal (Photo: 2012CIAT/NeilPalmer via FlickrCC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

London Climate Action Week 2023In 2023 the 3rd Gobeshona Global Conference and 17th International Conference on Community-based Adaptation (CBA17) invited participants from around the world to come together to share their knowledge, research and practical experiences on a broad range of climate change issues, focusing on locally led adaptation (LLA), recognising the complexities, innovations and challenges that must be overcome.

This event brought the key messages from these two global events together, presenting practical lessons and examples in LLA from across the global South that are relevant for the climate adaptation challenges facing organisations and governments in the UK and Europe.

It focused on how to deliver more effective adaptation outcomes that have communities and local actors as the drivers and champions of action.

It draws on a global learning journey that is building towards the 2023 United Nations climate change conference (COP28) where these communities of practice will set out important messages on supporting locally led adaptation.

This interactive session saw keynote speakers and examples from across the organisations participating at Gobeshona and CBA. Small breakout discussions considered the relevance and challenges facing organisations and governments in the UK and Europe in particular and how lessons from LLA community could support change.


  • Christopher Bartlett, head of climate diplomacy, government of Vanuatu
  • Helen O’Connor (moderator), principal researcher, Climate Change research group, IIED
  • Sarah Farheen Khan, ICCCAD
  • Sushila Pandit, University of Kent
  • Saleemul Huq, director of ICCCAD in Bangladesh and senior associate, IIED
  • Sara Allen, Save the Children
  • Ameil Harikishun, South South North
  • Kamila Gojobe, Slum Dwellers International Kenya

Event coverage

In August, IIED Europe development director Alexandre Fernandes drew on this event for his blog on how Europe needs transformational adaptation and the lessons it can learn from countries at the frontline of climate action.

Watch a full recording of the event below or on IIED's YouTube channel, where individual links to the start of each speaker's contribution are also provided.

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Helen O'Connor ([email protected]), principal researcher (climate finance), IIED's Climate Change research group