RRA Notes 20: Livestock

This special issue of RRA Notes brings together some ‘participatory’ examples of practice and experience in the fields of livestock production and planning with livestock owners.

Article, 31 March 1994
Participatory Learning and Action
A journal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

April 1994

Guest Editors: Kate Kirsopp-Reed and Fiona Hinchcliffe

Livelihood security encompasses not only access to food and the resources required to produce it in the present, but also those required to maintain production in the future. It also includes the social networks which are necessary for survival in the longer term. 

Among vulnerable groups whose livelihoods are under threat are smallholder farmers and pastoralists, for whom livestock plays a significant role in the support of their livelihood and lifestyle.

Among researchers and development practitioners alike, there is recognition that the use of the range of techniques known as PRA involves far more than a series of methodologies for improving the speed or efficacy of data collection. 

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Editorial: PRA and livestock development: some challenges
Cathy Watson and Adrian Cullis

Section A: Methods

A review of PRA methods for livestock research and development
Kate Kirsopp-Reed

Section B: Case Studies: Animal Health

Ethnoveterinary question list
Barbara Grandin and John Young

Planning a community animal health care programme in Afghanistan
Tim Leyland

Seasonal disease incidence in the Sanaag Region of Somaliland
David Hadrill and Haroon Yusuf

Livestock healthcare for Tibetan agro-pastoralists: application of Rapid Rural Appraisal techniques
Claire Heffernan

Evaluation of an animal health improvement programme in Nepal
John Young, Henk-Peter Dijkema, Karen Stoufer, Narayan Ojha, Goma Shrestha and Lava Thapa

Section C: Case Studies: Animal Production

Sheep husbandry among Tzotzil Indians: who learns from whom?
Raul Perezgrovas, Marisela Peralta and Pastor Pedraza

The progeny history data collection technique: a case study from Samburu District, Kenya
Karen Iles

Rapid appraisal techniques: a tool for planning and managing animal health and production development programmes
Mauro Ghirotti

Ranking with Shagaa in Mongolia
Adrian Cullis

Section D: Case Studies: Natural Resource Management

Browse ranking in Zimbabwe
Ian Scoones

Natural resource mapping and seasonal variations and stresses in Mongolia
Robin Mearns, D. Shombodon, G. Narangerel, U. Tuul, A. Enkhamgalan, B. Myagmarzhav, B. Bayanjargal and B. Bekhsuren

Mapping of seasonal migrations in the Sanaag Region of Somaliland
David Hadrill and Haroon Yusuf

Section E: Case studies: Socio-Economic Dimensions

Pastoral production in Mongolia from a gender perspective
Louise Cooper and Narangerel Gelezhamstin

Historical matrices: a method for monitoring changes in seasonal consumption patterns in Mongolia
Louise Cooper and Narangerel Gelezhamstin

Livestock, livelihood and drought: a PRA exercise in Botswana
Neela Mukherjee

Proportional piling in Turkana: a case study
Cathy Watson

Evaluation of a community-based buffalo project in Tamil Nadu
John Devavaram

The problem and solution game
Jeremy Swift and Abdi Noor Umar

Success ranking in Garba Tulla, Kenya
Stella Maranga

Livestock, livelihood and change: the versatility and richness of historical matrices
Karen and Mark Schoonmaker Freudenberger

The application of PRA methods to the study of conflict management in a pastoral society
Michael Bollig

Institution ranking and social mapping in rural Mongolia
Robin Mearns and D. Bayartsogt

Livestock rehabilitation programme in Mozambique
Anabela Braganca