Revathi Sharma Kollegala

Board of trustees

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A digital strategist with CIFOR-ICRAF, Revathi champions ethical digital transformation.

Known for her expertise in digital strategy and ethical technology, she currently leads impactful initiatives at the nexus of food-climate-biodiversity in the global South at CIFOR-ICRAF. Her work centers around harnessing technologies for resilience and justice, with a strong focus on evidence-based solutions for vulnerable communities. 

As a co-lead in global research networks for responsible artificial intelligence (AI) systems, Revathi integrates Indigenous values and women-led movements into AI systems, advocating for responsible technological governance. 

Her past roles as the founding executive director at the Regen Foundation and the management committee at P2P Foundation reflect her dedication to digital equity and climate justice from a Commons-perspective, where she has been pivotal in aligning technological innovation with community-led sustainable development.