Grazia Piras

Former senior researcher with the forest team of IIED's Natural Resources Group

Grazia Piras's picture
Languages: English, English, French, Spanish, German and Italian


Sustainable management of cultural and natural heritage resources, capacity building and advocacy on the role of cultural and natural values in shaping conservation and development policies; coastal zone management. Experience in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and India.

Before IIED

German Ministry of Culture (1997-1998)
World Bank (1999);UNESCO (2001-2008)
UNEP-PAP/RAC (2008-2009)
MSc Heritage Management and Communication (Scuola Superiore Normale, Pisa); PhD Heritage Conservation and Management (University of Genova).

Current work

Coordinator of The Growing Forest Partnerships Initiative (GFP). Mainstreaming local control of forests at the local and the global level.