Camila Cociña

Researcher (housing justice), Human Settlements research group

Camila Cociña is a development planner and architect, whose work focuses on housing, urban equality, gender, informality and participatory urban governance. She has worked on collaborative projects with researchers, communities, international agencies and public organisations in Latin America, West Africa and Southeast Asia, seeking for fairer ways of mobilising knowledge from a social justice perspective.


Housing justice; urban equality; gender; informality; participatory urban governance.

Before IIED

  • Research fellow, Kwoledge in Action for Urban Equality (KNOW) programme, University College London
  • Teaching fellow, the Bartlett Development Planning Unit, University College London


  • PhD development planning, University College London
  • MSc building and urban design in development, University College London
  • Architect, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Current work

Camila is currently working on the issue of housing justice, as part of an action research project around housing and civic urban media, and a series of international collaborations to advance a housing justice agenda. She is particularly interested in questions around how housing knowledge is produced, mobilised and actioned, from a social justice and feminist perspective.

She is a member of the ‘GOLD VI Steering Committee’, working with United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) in the co-production process of the GOLD Report, which focuses on urban equity, and has involved the participation of local and regional governments, civil society organisations, and interdisciplinary researchers.

She is currently based in Santiago de Chile, working closely with local initiatives and political organisations.

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