Finance for resilience building and ecosystem-based adaptation in Kenya: A comparative study of local and national managed funds

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Published: July 2017
Product code:G04189

Since the establishment of the Green Climate Fund, research interest on funding modalities to deliver adaptation and development benefits to the local level has grown exponentially. A key question is how climate change funding can be effectively channelled to support adaptation, including ecosystem-based adaptation initiatives, in natural resource dependent dryland environments.

This paper compares the strengths and weaknesses between a locally and a nationally managed funds to supporting development and climate change initiatives in Isiolo County, Kenya. Using two case studies of the Isiolo County Climate Change Fund (ICCCF) and the Community Development Trust Fund (CDTF), this working paper compares their degree of alignment to development strategies, access to funds by beneficiaries, accountability and transparency measures, the benefits of financial investments, opportunities and challenges.