IIED Annual Report 2012/13: Sharing knowledge for change

Annual report
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Published: September 2013
Annual Report
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Learning is at the heart of IIED’s work: we place value on building our knowledge, creating the space to test out in practice what we have learnt and finding ways to bring people together to share ideas and experiences.

The Annual Report takes stock of what we did in 2012-13, from the great event of Fair Ideas at Rio+20 in July 2012 and the international networks we have been part of, to the meetings of perhaps only a few people, but all with valuable local insights to contribute to problem solving or making a change.

We wouldn’t be the organisation we are without our partners. We pay tribute to Perween Rahman, tragically killed in March 2013, and hear from two more – both working with IIED in Kenya – on what they value about working in partnership with us. For the first time, we outline the steps we are taking to operate sustainably and responsibly as an organisation, and finish with information about donors, trustees and the financial summary for the year.

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