Everything That Rises: an evening with Brianna Craft

Side event

This London Climate Action Week side event marked the UK launch of 'Everything that Rises: A Climate Change Memoir' by IIED senior researcher Brianna Craft.

IIED, 235 High Holborn, London WC1V 7LE, United Kingdom
Last updated 28 June 2023
Design with a book, a tablet and picture of Brianna Craft. Text reads "UK launch of Everything that Rises: A Climate Change Memoir by Brianna Craft"

London Climate Action Week 2023IIED and Brianna Craft, senior researcher in IIED's Climate Change research group, hosted the UK launch of her book, 'Everything That Rises: A Climate Change Memoir'.

In her first book, Craft draws parallels between her time in the UN climate negotiations and growing up in a violent household. She recalls working with the IIED negotiations team to support the Least Developed Countries Group at key moments during the global climate change talks, including the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015.

She describes discovering her own sense of agency and asks readers to shape collective climate action by voting, protesting and divesting to protect our shared home.

To celebrate and promote this memoir, we hosted an evening in conversation with women who have experienced the climate negotiations firsthand, along with advising and influencing international climate policy.

During the in-person event Brianna read an excerpt from 'Everything That Rises', after which there was a question-and-answer session with IIED's Marika Weinhardt of the climate negotiations team.

This event was part of London Climate Action Week 2023.



Prior to the event, author Craft wrote a blog explaining what prompted her to write her climate memoir.

She also took part in a short recorded interview with Weinhardt that can be watched below or on IIED's YouTube channel

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