Localising forest-climate action

Engaging with local groups, regional associations and national federations of locally-controlled forestry organisations to upscale effective climate change adaptation, resilience and mitigation through the restoration of forest landscape biodiversity

IIED's forest team works with partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America to help Indigenous Peoples, local communities and smallholder farmers to understand, measure and articulate how their forest and land use systems contribute to climate action and biodiversity conservation. We help position their organisations as the most effective conduits and agency for finance to achieve those aims.

The IIED forests and prosperity work programme collaborates with these organisations and supports them to: 

  • Quantify and collect evidence of their positive climate contributions
  • Build capabilities to assess and respond to climate threats and pilot adaptation and mitigation solutions, and
  • Facilitate interactions that link them to national adaptation and mitigation programmes – such as reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+).

The work programme has a strong track record of developing effective REDD+ implementation actions, such as the Brazil-Mozambique Initiative and testing REDD+ in Mozambique.

Contact: Duncan Macqueen ([email protected]), principal researcher, Natural Resources.

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