Wanted: AI consultancy

A consultant is being sought to better understand artificial intelligence opportunities and threats as part of work to reverse environmental degradation in Africa and Asia.

Article, 28 June 2024
Woman farmer bending down to take a picture of crop

Women farmers trialing smart farming (Photo: DAI's Digital Frontiers, via Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0)

How can artificial intelligence (AI) help organisations practising or supporting research-to-action for locally-led nature restoration?

The Reversing Environmental Degradation in Africa and Asia (REDAA) community has shown an increasing interest in AI and related technologies, and how these can support locally-led restoration. This role will help the team better understand how to harness opportunities and avoid or mitigate any negative effects of AI.

To help develop a shared understanding of these new technologies, IIED is seeking a consultant with appropriate expertise to analyse these issues and offer the REDAA programme, and others engaged with locally-led nature restoration initiatives, some actionable options. Topics to explore might include:

  • Text and writing in research, project proposals or advocacy 
  • Speech and sound/acoustics or visual images and 3D signals development, recognition and use
  • Structured data, dataset development and use, and linking different sorts of data
  • Use of the above in information extraction, question answering, sentiment analysis, image captioning, object recognition, instruction following, communicating, translation between languages, predicting, reducing barriers, elevating collective local voice, monitoring, assessing and evaluating
  • Equity, gender equality and social inclusion, and ethical issues in the above, and
  • Nature and climate impacts – positive and negative – of the above 

The consultant will undertake this work by reviewing and analysing available information; identifying, interviewing and discussing with key people; and presenting the analysis in a report with actionable options. The assignment will be conducted from mid August to mid October 2024.

How to apply

Interested consultants should submit a proposal of no more than two pages, which should address these two questions: 

  • What is your expertise relevant to carrying out the scoping study on AI and REDAA (as described in the terms of reference)? 
  • What would you explore, and how, in carrying out the scoping study on AI and REDAA? 

The proposal must include a budget table, which should specify the consultant’s day rate, and should be broken down clearly by any relevant stages proposed in the study. The proposal must be accompanied by the consultant’s CV. 

Proposals and CVs should be submitted by email, with ‘Proposal on AI and REDAA’ in the email subject line, to [email protected] no later than 5pm (BST) on 15 July 2024.


For all queries, please email REDAA enquiries at [email protected]