UN publishes global stocktake report

Reacting to the publication of the synthesis report of the UN’s global stocktake of the implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change, IIED executive director Tom Mitchell said: 

Press release, 08 September 2023

“This report shows the miserable lack of progress countries are making to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and adapt to the climate change that we have unleashed.

“It’s hardly surprising that moving forward is so slow when policies that put the brakes on climate action are deep-coded in our financial, legal and economic models; from the international treaties that protect polluters’ interests, to government spending that props up industries harming the planet, and an international finance system that penalises the poor. We need to tackle these issues and those hell-bent on putting short-term profit over the future of the planet by removing these brakes.

“Without swift, concerted action and a truly global response to this crisis, more and more of us will find our homes, livelihoods and loved ones threatened by wildfires, heatwaves and flooding.”

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