UN Adaptation Gap Report shows major polluters failing to take responsibility

Reacting to the publication of the UN’s latest Adaptation Gap Report, Tom Mitchell, executive director of IIED, said:

Press release, 02 November 2023
UN climate change conference (COP28)
A series of pages related to IIED's activities at the 2023 UNFCCC climate change summit in Dubai

“Reading this report brings an unpleasant sense of deja vu. The problems the UN identified a year ago and the year before, and the year before that, remain today and are getting worse.

“The wealthy polluters who caused the climate crisis, whether governments or businesses, simply are not taking seriously their responsibility to help the most vulnerable people adapt to its brutal effects.

“After a disastrous year of flooded cities in the US and Libya, and wildfires across Europe, it should be plain that the crisis will come for all of us eventually unless we act decisively now.

“At COP28 this month, rich countries, philanthropies and businesses must massively increase funding now for climate adaptation in vulnerable areas. We also need to get that money directly to the people hardest hit who know best how to address their own needs, while ditching the current bureaucratic and short-sighted system.”

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