Subject access request

Data protection legislation provides you with a right to receive a copy of the data/information we hold about you, or to authorise someone to act on your behalf. This is known as a 'subject access request'.

IIED does not charge a fee for subject access requests. If you would like to make a request to see all personal data that IIED holds on you, please fill in the form below.

We are likely require further information to respond to your request, in which case we will email you a form to complete.

We will only use the information you supply us to honour this request, and will securely store and delete that information when we've given you the results of our search.

All information submitted in the above form is protected by IIED's privacy policy.

What information can be disclosed?

All personal information held on an individual: this includes staff files, interview notes and emails referring to the individual

Are there any exemptions?

There are a number of exemptions within the DPA that effectively allow information to be withheld. Exemptions will be dependent on the purpose for which the personal data is being processed, and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For full information regarding your rights in making a subject access request, please visit the Information Commissioner's Office's guidance page on 'your rights of access'.

What is the time limit for compliance?

We intend to respond to your request as soon as possible but will respond at the latest within one month from date of receipt.

The statutory requirement is for the data controller (IIED) to communicate to the data subject the information it holds in an intelligible form within one month. This timeframe starts from the date the request is received by the data controller, or the data has been provided with sufficient information by the data subject to locate the information being requested.