Spreading the Wordle: a game for the climate community

IIED is bringing a focus on climate and the environment to a popular internet word game by launching A GREENER WORLDLE.

News, 27 January 2022
A box with coloured tiles spells "Start today with a greener worldle" with some letters outside the box.

The game A GREENER WORLDLE was developed by IIED to raise awareness on environmental issues (Image: Anne Schulthess, IIED)

An online word game developed by IIED to better highlight environmental issues is proving to be a hit among the climate change community. 

A GREENER WORLDLE had been played around 5,500 times within 48 hours, with visitors from almost 80 countries. 

It was inspired by the WORDLE game designed by Josh Wardle based on five-letter words that has been sweeping the internet in early 2022.  

The key difference is that all of the answers of A GREENER WORLDLE are linked to climate change and the environment.

IIED’s version has already been shared by respected Canadian atmospheric scientist professor Katharine Hayhoe to her 200,000-plus followers on social media and was included in Wednesday’s edition of the Washington Post’s Climate 202 newsletter

IIED web planning and content manager Matt Wright said: “Like millions of others we’ve been enjoying playing the brilliantly simple Wordle game.  

“We wondered whether it could easily be adapted to have a narrower focus, such as on our mission to tackle climate change and highlight environmental action, and we’ve seen others have had similar ideas as well

“We wanted to engage with our online community in a slightly different way and, talking regularly to our climate researchers, we also know how stressful it is to work in this area, day-in, day-out, and how important it is to provide opportunities for downtime and some fun. Hopefully, A GREENER WORLDLE can contribute to that in the climate community.” 

Working with Scott Digital, A GREENER WORLDLE was developed and launched within five days, and there are enough climate and environment answers to keep going for at least three months.

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Note: the visits and country figures were corrected at 6pm on 27 January and updated to take account of a 48-hour period (previously 36 hours).

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