Scotland pledges £6m for climate justice

Reacting to the announcement by Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today [25 October] of a £6m climate justice fund, including finance to address loss and damage faced by people in lower-income countries, IIED senior fellow Simon Anderson said:
Press release, 25 October 2021

“Recognition that land, livelihoods and lives everywhere, but especially in lower-income and climate-vulnerable countries, are already being lost to the effects of climate change, is extremely welcome and a demonstration of Scotland’s emphasis on climate justice.

“The irreversible losses and damage suffered by millions of people around the world will only increase as global warming accelerates. So it’s imperative that Scotland’s lead on climate justice is followed by other industrialised countries so that we unlock the large-scale financial, technological and moral support needed.

“With the COP26 climate talks getting under way next week, richer countries need to step up and lay out how they will help address loss and damage.”


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