RRA Notes 6: General Issue

This issue of RRA Notes includes reports from Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Nigeria.

Article, 31 May 1989
Participatory Learning and Action
A journal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

June 1989.

The first article reports from Zimbabwe on how RRA methods were adapted for the appraisal of the artisanal activities of rural carpenters.

The second article looks at how a 19th century English journalist used methods very similar to RRA in his efforts to investigate and report on the state of the English countryside.

The third article reports on the use of aerial photographs for land use planning on a settlement site in Ethiopia.

Article four reports on the findings that came out of a training exercise in RRA techniques for local government officials in Northern Nigeria. 

The next article looks at how cartoons were used during a ranking exercise with poultry farmers in Chad.

The final article reports on a community woodland resource management project run by ENDA (Environment and Development Activities) in Zimbabwe.

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Rapid assessment of artisanal systems: a case study of rural carpentry enterprises in Zimbabwe
Godfrey Cromwell

The rural rides of William Cobbett: RRA and sustainable agriculture in 1820s
Jules Pretty

A note on the use of aerial photographs for land use planning on a settlement site in Ethiopia
Dick Sandford

Using Rapid Rural Appraisal for project identification: report on a training exercise in Jama'are local government area, Bauchi State, Northern Nigeria
Michael Hubbard, Robert Leurs and Andrew Nickson

Visualising group discussions with Impromptu cartoons
Ueli Scheuermeier

The use of community theatre in project evaluation: an experiment from Zimbabwe
Andrea Cornwall, Mathou Chakavanda, Simbisai Makumbirofa, Guilter Shumba and Abraham Mawere