RRA Notes 5: General Issue

The fifth issue of RRA notes includes four articles illustrating a range of applications of the Rapid Rural Appraisal approach.

Article, 30 April 1989
Participatory Learning and Action
A journal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

May 1989

The articles in this edition look at:

  • Introducing the idea of farming to alley communities in Nigeria
  • Planning fuelwood initiatives in Nepal
  • Assessing food security in Sudan
  • Involving farmers in agricultural research in Australia

This issue also includes a response to an article in the 3rd edition of RRA Notes.

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Letter to the Editor
Barbara Grandin

The ‘fertiliser bush’ game: a participatory means of communication
Kristin Cashman

Rapid appraisal for fuelwood planning in Nepal
John Soussan

Rapid food security assessment: a pilot exercise in Sudan
Simon Maxwell

RRA has a role to play in developed countries
Peter Ampt and Raymond Ison