Tom Bigg

Director, Strategy and Learning

Tom is director of IIED’s Strategy and Learning Group, and a member of the organisation’s strategy and management team. He manages teams that support IIED’s fundraising and business development activities, and monitoring, evaluation and learning for the institute. Tom leads on IIED’s relations with key institutional funders.

As interim director of IIED-Europe, Tom has lead responsibility for the establishment of the new entity as a Stichting registered in the Netherlands. This includes developing a strategic plan for the organisation and developing its profile and key relations with a wide range of actors based in countries within the European Union.

Tom’s interests are in international policy frameworks for action on sustainable development. He has led IIED’s work on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with a particular focus on the priorities of the least developed countries.

He has worked in the international NGO sector for 25 years.


International relations, international sustainable development governance, donor relations, reporting, monitoring and evaluation.

Before IIED

Head of policy, United Nations Environment and Development UK Committee (UNED-UK).


  • BA (English), Oxford
  • PhD (civil society and global politics), City University, London.

Current work

Developing a strategic plan for IIED-Europe; relations with institutional funders; IIED strategy implementation and future development; monitoring and evaluation and learning across IIED.

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