Marek Soanes

Marek Soanes was a researcher in IIED's Climate Change research group until February 2022

Marek Soanes work focuses on climate finance, including research to help shape the new generation of finance for development, to delivering capacity building to improve developing countries ability to access, absorb and mobilise finance.

He is particularly interested in delivering interconnected actions at the international and national level that help channel finance in a way that promotes pro-poor investment in low-carbon climate-resilient development. Presently, he is researching ways shape international funds that promote local level activities in both climate change mitigation and adaptation, and deliver local developmental benefits on the ground.

He has experience working across the climate change arena, from carbon markets in both developing and developed countries, to the climate change negotiations as part of the UNFCCC. All this work has taken Marek across East Asia, and East and West Africa, working with both public and private sectors.


Climate and development finance, carbon markets, economics of climate change.

Experience in East Asia (Bangladesh), Africa (Senegal, Zambia, Mali, and Tanzania)

Before IIED

MSc in Carbon Management, The University of Edinburgh (Scotland); BSc Environmental Geoscience, The University of Edinburgh (Scotland)