Kate Green

Managing editor, Communications

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Telephone: +44 (0)20 3463 7399
Languages: English, French (basic)

Kate is editorial lead on key institutional publications and supports colleagues across the organisation to write and publish strategically timed research papers and other content, including blogs, animations, lectures and podcasts.

Early-career publications include editorial assistant roles on the 'Commonwealth Human Rights Law Digest' series and the essay collection 'Economic Social and Cultural Rights in Practice: The Role of Judges in Implementing Economic, Social and Cultural Rights' (both published by Interights, an international legal human rights NGO based in London).

Kate’s recent professional development has centred around inclusivity and accessibility, bringing concepts such as a rights-based approach to language into IIED’s editorial training and guidance. She is part of the ‘People in the Pictures’ group, a Bond-led multi-organisation team which delivered new ethical guidelines for the sector’s collection and use of images and stories, and contributed thoughts on accessibility and representation to an International Broadcasting Trust blog on podcasting (June 2021).


Editing and copywriting for specialist and public audiences; communications project planning and management; developing and delivering messages; developing organisational brand and tone; managing intellectual property rights (IPR); delivering training in accessible, impactful writing skills. 

Before IIED

Editorial and communications roles with international NGOs (development, human rights, animal protection), and with UK health care charities (education and advocacy) including The King’s Fund. Previously editorial manager for the sector regulator for health services in England.


BA (hons) English literature, University College London

Current work

Delivering writing training and IPR guidance (online); sourcing topics for and producing episodes of the IIED podcast, Make Change Happen; editorial lead on a lecture series that draws lines between IIED projects and key sustainable development themes.