Ina Porras

Ina Porras was a principal researcher (environmental economics), in IIED's Shaping Sustainable Markets research group until late 2019 

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Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese (basic)


Practical design and assessment of market-based mechanisms for forests, soil and water conservation (such as Payments for Ecosystem Services and carbon offsets); economic valuation of environmental services (e.g. biodiversity and water); value-chain analysis for agro-business and impact assessments. Main interest in legitimacy, equity and inclusivity in economic instruments and conservation.

Trustee at the Plan Vivo Foundation, advising on smallholder and community carbon projects. 

Before IIED

Research assistant at the University of Massachusetts; researcher at the Tropical Science Center, Costa Rica.

Current work

ESPA project on streamlining monitoring for smallholder and community PES, alongside the Geoscience and the business schools of the University of Edinburgh, the Plan Vivo Foundation and partners in Uganda and Mexico. 

I enjoy working in capacity building and development of training material for different audiences, ranging from teaching at the University of Edinburgh, to preparing materials for practitioners and business in Latin America, Africa and Asia. I have ample experience working with local collaborators and as a team member in global consortiums and engaging with donors, practitioners and policy makers in multiple countries.