Ebony Holland

Principal researcher, nature-climate policy lead, Natural Resources/Climate Change research groups

Ebony Holland's picture
Telephone: +44 (0)20 3463 7399
Languages: English, Tok Pisin (basic), French (basic)

Ebony has a strong background in public policy, strategy and advocacy related to climate change, nature and sustainable development. She has delivered major national policy reforms, supported multiple international processes and negotiations, managed community-based projects and established and managed multi-sector governance and stakeholder groups to drive inclusive, effective and long-lasting change.


Ebony is interested in the interlinkages between climate, nature and development, including the multiple dimensions of climate and biodiversity risk. She is also interested in climate migration and the relationship between climate change, nature and national security.

Before IIED

Before joining IIED, Ebony worked across government, international development organisations, the United Nations and the private sector in Australia, the Pacific, Europe and the United Kingdom. Her work has focused on driving strong and inclusive policy related to climate change, environment and sustainable development.


  • Masters, environmental law, University of Sydney (Australia)
  • Bachelor, environmental science and geology, University of New South Wales (Australia)

Current work

Ebony designs and coordinates IIED’s strategy to shape and promote a climate-nature-development triple agenda in international biodiversity, climate change and sustainable development policy forums. The strategy draws on research and expertise from across the organisation to drive a compelling narrative for addressing climate, nature and development issues coherently.

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