Mediation and development-related conflict report – launch event


This online event saw the launch of a report on the use of mediation as a conflict prevention tool in development finance processes.

Last updated 03 July 2022
A bleak urban landscape. In the foreground, a painting of two hands reaching towards each other, painted in red and blue on a black background.

Handshake graffiti in Shoreditch, London (Photo: Matt Brown via Flickr, CC BY 2.0)

Certain development projects, especially those concerning the use of natural resources and land, come with a high risk of causing social tensions or exacerbating armed conflict.

This event engaged with the findings of the recent IIED report 'Mediation and development-related conflict', which makes a case for the use of mediation as a conflict prevention tool, deployed in the planning, assessment and consultation phases of development finance projects. 

Based on their experience and research on land, rights, mediation and environmental and social governance, the panellists explored whether using mediation more efficiently and creatively in the planning stages of development finance could contribute to better prevention of conflict and a more inclusive development. 

The report is part of IIED’s Land, investment and rights series and is supported by the Endless conflicts project.  The event was organised by partner GCILS.

About the speakers

  • Dr Giedre Jokubauskaite (moderator) is a lecturer in international law at the University of Glasgow, UK
  • Dr Catherine Turner (moderator) is an associate professor of international law at Durham University, UK
  • Jaff Napoleon Bamenjo is coordinator of the Network for the Fight Against Hunger (Réseau de Lutte contre la Faim, RELUFA), Cameroon
  • Josie Lianna Kaye is a researcher-practitioner on business and peace, and director of TrustWorks Global, Switzerland
  • Kinnari Bhatt is a solicitor, and the founder and director of Surya Advisory, UK 
  • Lorenzo Cotula is a principal researcher in law and sustainable development, and legal tools team leader at IIED, UK

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Jérémy Davis ([email protected]), senior communications and publications coordinator, IIED's Natural Resources Group