Our leaders are responsible and accountable for delivering IIED's strategy and organisational objectives, and achieve this through a distributed leadership structure including: a strategy and leadership council; research and learning committee; operations committee; and equity, inclusion and justice committee.

Aligned with IIED's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, our internal governance bodies include standing and rotating members. Standing membership includes roles that enable IIED to fulfil its statutory obligations under charity and company law. Rotating members serve for a two-year period and are appointed following an open, internal process.

This structure promotes agility and ensures decision-making is enriched by a variety of voices and perspectives. The membership of each body is listed below.

The strategy and leadership council is our most senior internal governance body. It acts under delegated authority from the executive director, and delegates authority to the three committees.

The purpose of the council is to monitor, advise and make decisions to ensure the successful leadership and management of:

  • IIED’s strategy, vision, business plan and budget
  • IIED’s internal governance and policy framework, and
  • Strategic and key business risks.

The research and learning committee is responsible for the successful leadership and management of:

  • Research quality, integrity and ethics
  • Research innovation and learning, and
  • Research coherence and impact.

The operations committee is responsible for the successful management of:

  • High-functioning interconnected internal services, systems and processes to effectively manage IIED projects, and
  • Business risks with operational impact.

The equity, inclusion and justice committee is responsible for the strategic leadership of equity, inclusion and justice within IIED, taking an intersectional approach to developing and overseeing IIED’s equity, inclusion and justice strategy and action plan.

Members of leadership teams

The following employees comprise each leadership team:

Strategy and leadership council

Research and learning committee

Operations committee

  • Nike Akerele-De Souza, chief operating officer (chair)
  • David Gateshill, interim director of finance and operations 
  • Leila Fazal, head of business development
  • Maxine Harrington, head of people
  • Brian Barban, compliance manager
  • Ali Logan-Pang, senior project manager (co-chair, project management forum)
  • Sally Ralph, group manager (co-chair, project management forum)
  • Gemma Amadi, compliance and assurance manager
  • Laura Marnier, project manager and business analyst
  • José Morell-Ducós, senior project manager
  • Research and learning committee secretariat - to be appointed
  • Kate Groom, executive assistant to chief operating officer (secretariat)

Equity, inclusion and justice committee