Influential Environment & Urbanization journal goes from strength to strength

IIED's bi-annual journal Environment and Urbanization (E&U) seeks to advance a more socially just and environmentally sustainable urban world through the provision of knowledge. It is committed to providing a platform for authors from the global South. Its latest issue, just published, focuses on education.
Press release, 20 April 2021

As it publishes its 65th issue with a focus on education, bi-annual journal Environment & Urbanization (E&U), goes from strength to strength. Its readership has grown year on year since its launch in 1989, with 67,000 full text downloads in the last month alone. 

Environment & Urbanization provides an outlet for researchers, activists and NGOs in low- and middle-income nations, and is an effective exchange mechanism with researchers, international agency staff, students and teachers in high-income nations.

Most of the papers E&U publishes are written by authors from Africa, Asia and Latin America, giving a fresh perspective to issues around increasing urbanisation and the pressures it brings with it. It prides itself on sharing the voices of local people, activist groups and others rarely heard in academic journals.

The latest issue, just published, has an education focus with peer-reviewed research papers on key issues including: 

Both these thought-provoking papers are published on a free-to-access basis for this special issue. 

Managing editor, Christine Ro, commenting on the 'Childcare services in cities' paper, said: "We estimate that one in three of the urban population in the global South live in informal settlements and more than half work within the informal economy.  The author, Rachel Moussié, examines a critical need within this vitally important sector.  This is just one of the key issues we explore in our latest issue.” 


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