IIED responds to Black Lives Matter protests

IIED will launch an internal process of dialogue and reflection on race and racism.

Article, 16 June 2020
Families at a protest in London

Thousands of people in London and around the world took part in big and small peaceful protests against the death of George Floyd and systemic racism (Photo Anne Schulthess, IIED)

We at the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) are deeply saddened and shocked by recent instances of brutality and violence targeting Black people around the world. 

The tragic killing of George Floyd has put this issue in the global spotlight, however we want to acknowledge that his death is just one of many. The global protests in response to police brutality and against systematically embedded racism demonstrate a deepening awareness within society that we must face and tackle racial injustice.

We recognise that racism is a significant and damaging issue in Britain and many of the countries where our partners work, and that development actors have a particular responsibility to address the structural inequalities racism is often associated with.

In acknowledgment of this, IIED has launched an internal process of reflection, with staff exploring issues of race and racism within our institute, and our wider sector. We will discuss and explore how IIED can create new ways of working that promote a proactive anti-racist approach to sustainable development.