IIED launches a manifesto for a thriving world

Institute signals change in new long-term strategic approach to tackling the triple crises.

News, 15 May 2024
A woman stands at a podium giving a speech, while in the background is an image of a publication cover, saying: "Manifesto for a thriving world".

IIED board of trustees chair Tara Shine launches the new manifesto that sets out IIED's changed ways of working as well as its areas of strategic focus (Photo: Benjamin Mole/IIED) 

IIED launched a new strategic approach to tackling the triple crises of climate change, nature loss and inequality on Tuesday, 14 May at its biennial Barbara Ward Lecture, held in London, with Mafalda Duarte, executive director of the Green Climate Fund.

The 'Manifesto for a thriving world’ is the result of over a year’s worth of deep, structured reflection and idea generation by IIED colleagues, associates, partners and donors, on how to truly accelerate the positive progress the world and many of its people need to thrive in the future.

The manifesto identifies four blockers holding back positive change, and six propositions where IIED has a unique track record and inclusive way of working, that can help to weaken the blockers in these proposition areas, enabling progress to flourish.

"This manifesto represents a fresh take on sustainability as it has come to be understood, offering different answers and approaches to address the world’s entrenched climate, nature and inequality crises," said Dr Tara Shine, chair of IIED's board of trustees.

“For example, it’s not enough to tackle the symptoms of pollution and environmental degradation, we have to focus on the drivers and systemic causes. We must assemble more impactful coalitions of diverse organisations, each bringing their own strengths but sharing a common purpose, to apply greater and coordinated pressure on the powerful levers of change that we collectively identify.”

This short film introduces IIED's 'Manifesto for a thriving world'

It also describes greater collaborative approaches by building alliances with people and organisations tackling similar issues, but who are pushing on different parts of the problem. By working more collaboratively together with partners old and new, IIED aims to pull harder on the levers of change that exist to weaken the blockers to positive progress and accelerate climate and social justice.

The manifesto combines ideas from multiple sources on how to find solutions to problems in a complex and volatile world. It sets out actions for IIED, partners and donors that can help the institute be flexible and learn and adapt quickly to rapidly changing circumstances, rather than continue with a static strategy with fixed objectives and an unchanging route map.


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