IIED to host chair of IPCC

IIED congratulates Professor Jim Skea on his appointment to the chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Press release, 26 July 2023

IIED is honoured to be hosting Professor Skea as chair to assist him to carry out the important work of representing and guiding the panel. 

Jim Skea, incoming chair of the IPCC, said: “I am humbled and deeply honoured to have been elected chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. My profound thanks and gratitude to those who supported my candidacy. Throughout my campaign, I listened and engaged widely with stakeholders across the world, which helped shape my vision. 

“As chair, I will address three key priorities: ensuring inclusive participation and collaboration across all regions; promoting the use of the best and most relevant science; and maximising the reach and impact of the IPCC’s work through engagement with policymakers and other stakeholders.” 

Tom Mitchell, IIED’s executive director, said: “IIED is ready to support Professor Skea and the vital work of the IPCC to assess and communicate the scientific evidence for the climate crisis. 

“With IIED’s continued support to the Least Developed Countries Group in climate change negotiations and our work with vulnerable communities, we hope to act as a bridge between the climate scientists recording and predicting the trajectory of this emergency and the people who are already suffering its impacts.”

IIED will carry on with its work to highlight the impact of climate change on vulnerable countries and generate evidence to remove the handbrakes holding back action on climate change.

For more information or to request an interview, contact Sarah Grainger: +44 7503 643332 or sarah.grainger@iied.org