Yaoundé Declaration: statement concerning community forestry in the Congo Basin region

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Published: March 2019
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Third Annual CoNGOs learning event, February 6th to 8th in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

We, the organisations and individuals from Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and the Republic of Congo, along with international partners from Europe, came together in Yaoundé for three days in February 2019 to discuss the lessons from the recent years of community forest development in the Congo Basin, especially in the context of the projects funded through DFID’s Improving Livelihoods and Land Use in the Congo Basin (ILLUCBF) programme.

Community forestry can impact the future of some 40 million people across the region – people who are currently amongst the poorest on Earth. The new concepts and practice around community forestry in the region can place it at the heart of rural development. It’s about sustainable forest landscape management, community empowerment and self-determination, rural entrepreneurship, local transformation of raw products and development of a rural service economy. Such positive developments need to be matched by commitments in funding and policy across the region.

With these needs in mind, and taking account of the local, national, regional and global imperatives to ensure the forests of Africa are sustained into the future, we are committed to work together as the Congo Basin Coalition for Community Forests.

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