Trilateral cooperation in agriculture: Achievements and lessons from AgriTT

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Published: April 2017
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Investment in African agriculture remains well below average global levels and currently falls short of achieving the United Nation’s ‘Global Goals for Sustainable Development’. Whilst there is growing interest in the potential for trilateral development cooperation to promote learning and accelerate agricultural technology transfer, there is very little empirical evidence exploring how such partnerships work in practice. This study aims to address this gap through a review of the Working in Partnership for Agricultural Technology Transfer (AgriTT) programme, which ran between 2012 and 2017. Focusing on two of the programme’s pilot projects this report discusses the achievements and challenges encountered, and finds potential opportunities for efficiency gains in longer term, multi-phased projects. Furthermore, evidence presented on the benefits of this innovative partnership model, including joint learning and formation of horizontal relationships, makes a strong case for more investment in this area.

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