Latin America Roundtable

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Published: August 2009
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A Knowledge Programme and a global learning network has been established by Hivos, Mainumby and IIED, to map, elicit and integrate knowledge on the dilemmas confronting small-scale producers in the context of globalising markets. A series of regional roundtable meetings were held in Latin America, Africa and Asia to: Present the concept of the knowledge programme and its associated learning network, which will drive knowledge generation; Have an open and frank discussion to validate the contents and premise of the Knowledge Programme;Elicit interest from potential Learning Network members, with a view to constituting the full global learning network in December 2009.~This report is on two roundtable meetings, held in Lima and Managua in August 2009. Roundtable participants came from a wide variety of backgrounds including entrepreneurs, producer organisations, and service sectors.~This summary presents selected key points from the discussion.

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