Small enterprise development and forests, UK Tropical Forests Forum meeting, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew 26 September 2006

Event/workshop report
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Published: September 2006
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This report covers a meeting of participants in the UK Tropical Forest Forum (UKTFF). More than 50 people attended from 12 countries.
The purpose of the meeting was to explore a broad range of options to prosper responsible small-scale forest enterprise. These notes constitute a record of the meeting.
Examples of sustainable and fair trade forestry in four countries wer given. Topics covered included: factors that shape opportunities and constraints for small forest enterprise activities; the role of forest associations in improving livelihoods and sustainability; the role of consumer standards in enhancing the prospects for small and medium forest enterprises; financing SMFEs; sustainable market chain linkages; tackling legality; certification and labelling; public procurement policies; priorities for action.