Répondre à une crise qui empire : les attentes des PMA pour la COP27

IIED Briefing
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Published: October 2022
ISBN: 9781837590094
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This briefing presents the priorities of the least developed countries (LDCs) for COP27. In the period of political and economic upheavals that we are going through, COP27 must succeed in focusing planetary attention on the worsening climate crisis.

The LDC Group expects substantial progress in the following areas: additional new funding to respond to loss and damage, and clarification on both the functioning of the Santiago Network on Loss and Damage and the governance of the International Mechanism for Warsaw (WIM). Adaptation must also be at the heart of the COP27 negotiations.

LDCs expect concrete guidance on the Global Adaptation Goal, as well as an implementation plan to at least double adaptation finance, commitment made at COP26. They will demand that developed countries deliver on their climate finance pledges, and call on parties to ensure that the global stocktake provides a fair assessment of progress, in order to compel governments to accelerate their climate change plans. climate action.

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More, C., Yassin, L., Khan, H. (2022). Répondre à une crise qui empire : les attentes des PMA pour la COP27.
IIED, London