Financing locally-led action for people, nature and climate in the Decade of Action

Side event

This Stockholm+50 side event explored how leaders can finance locally-led action for people, nature and climate through the Decade of Action

Stockholm+50, Stockholmsmässan, room 2, Mässvägen 1, Älvsjö, Stockholm
Last updated 04 June 2022
A group of men and women lean over a table and discuss the maps placed there.

A community meeting discussing reconstruction of village hit by volcanic eruption in Yogyakarta, Indonesia (Photo: Nugroho Nurdikiawan Sunjoyo/World Bank via Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Locally-led action is critical for addressing the triple crisis of nature, climate and poverty over the Decade of Action.

Yet research shows that finance and decision-making is not reaching the local level in sufficient volumes or in ways that enable Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLCs) to influence decision-making, have agency over nature, climate and development actions, and control over finances and resources.

Ensuring stronger political will and commitments to support locally-led action through the Decade of Action should be a key legacy of Stockholm+50, as leaders across the world regroup to reflect on the 50-year sustainable development journey and turn their minds to what more is needed.

This Stockholm+50 official side event on Friday, 3 June, co-hosted by IIED and Sida, highlighted how leaders can drive forward the transformation needed at all levels to enhance support for just, equitable and locally-led action through the Decade of Action.

We brought together speakers and researchers from IPLC groups, governments and the finance sector to share their lived experience, presented research and identified the solutions for the uptake of critical solutions.

The event was guided by IIED’s new report for Stockholm+50, commissioned by Sida, 'Money where it matters for people, nature and climate: driving change through support for local level decision-making over resources and finance'.

About the speakers

  • Gebru Jember (moderator), Least Developed Countries (LDC) Group elder and technical lead with the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)
  • Minnie Degawan, Kankanaey Igorot, the Philippines, International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity
  • Melina Sakiyama, Global Youth Forum on Biodiversity
  • Elizabeth Nsimadala, East African Farmers Federation
  • Joan Carling, Indigenous Peoples Rights International
  • Carin Jämtin, director-general, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)
  • Ulrika Åkesson, lead policy specialist environment and climate change, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)
  • Stig Traavik, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation
  • Paul Hartmann, senior environmental specialist, NPC & FIP Coordinator, Climate Investment Funds
  • Andrew Norton, director, IIED
  • Ebony Holland, nature-climate policy lead, IIED
  • Pauline Buffle, programme officer, Forest Conservation Programme, IUCN, Forest and Farm Facility
  • Alain Frechette, Rights and Resources Initiative
  • Laure Abado, Save the Children
  • Joseph Muturi (virtual), chair, Slum Dwellers International
  • Violet Shivutse  (virtual), chair, Huairou Commission
  • Will Charouhis, youth representative
  • Saleemul Huq, director of the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) in Bangladesh
  • Monica Gullberg (virtual), renewable energy specialist, Green Climate Fund 
  • Saliha Dobardzic, senior climate change specialist Adaptation Fund

Event coverage

A recording of the event is available below or on IIED's YouTube channel, where viewers are also able to use timestamps to go straight to specific speakers.

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