Coverage of Moving ahead with REDD+: Prospects and challenges workshop


From 9-10 April, the International Institute for Environment and Development hosted a workshop that aimed to explore the latest thinking on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+).

9-10 April 2014
An IIED workshop that aims to explore the latest thinking on REDD+ gets under way (Photo: Matt Wright/IIED)

On the first day, some of the key players in REDD+ debated the challenges and opportunities for moving REDD+ forward before, on the second day, attention turned to the strategic environmental and social assessments of REDD+ and safeguards.

The event also focused on IIED's forthcoming work on REDD+ and how the Sustainable Development Goals can complement REDD+, and saw the launch of a new Gatekeeper publication that shares three lessons to help ensure the success of a REDD+ project learned by a scheme in southeastern Tanzania.

The workshop featured input from speakers and participants from multilateral agencies, governments, research and conservation organisations, and the private sector. The agenda is available online (PDF).

We published round-ups of the first day and the second day, while all the presentations are available below and via IIED's SlideShare site.

Workshop presentations

Session one:

Session two:

Session three:

Session four:

Session five:

Session six:

Questions concerning REDD+ the workshop addressed included:

  • Is there a real and long-term commitment by governments?
  • How and from where will finance beyond readiness be sourced?
  • Can markets alone be liable to compensate or purchase carbon credits likely to be generated by all the countries involved?
  • What is the way forward for REDD+?
  • Are those driving deforestation equally committed to internalising costs associated emissions?
  • What examples of good practice can REDD+ build from?