COP15 negotiations agree new global biodiversity framework

Reacting to the agreement on a new global biodiversity framework at the COP15 negotiations in Montreal, IIED executive director Tom Mitchell said:

Press release, 19 December 2022
UN biodiversity conference (COP15)
A series of pages related to IIED's activities around the 15th Convention on Biological Diversity conference (COP15)

“After two years of negotiations, we welcome the new global biodiversity framework. The agreement rightly places the needs, rights, interests, cultural values and knowledge of Indigenous Peoples and local communities at its heart, and recognises their role in conserving and managing 30% of the world’s land and marine areas by 2030 – an important target in the new framework.

"It also makes clear just how much finance is going to be needed to halt and reverse the destruction of nature and that local communities and Indigenous Peoples need direct access to that funding. 

“While there is still work to be done to finalise details and ensure these commitments are fulfilled, getting this urgent agreement in place is critical for putting humanity in a better position to truly reverse our destructive relationship with nature.”