UN climate change conference (COP23)

IIED's news, insight, activities and more related to the 2017 UNFCCC climate change summit in Bonn (COP23). Along with our partners, we supported negotiators from the least developed countries, organised side events and workshops, and analysed progress at the talks.


The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) binds over 190 Parties. Its nearly universal membership meets annually to work together to tackle climate change. The 2017 UN climate change conference took place from 6 to 17 November in Bonn, Germany. The conference was convened under the Presidency of Fiji.

IIED and partners worked to ensure the Paris Agreement is put into action, with fair and transparent rules for all, and that the battle against climate change focuses on the poorest contries, which are most at risk. With less than 10% of climate funds prioritised for local-level activities, we called for fair and clear rules so more reaches the people who need it most. We supported negotiators from the least developed countries, organising side events and workshops, and analysing progress at the talks.