Transforming energy systems

Equitable energy driving climate-resilient communities

Global energy systems remain hugely unequal – many communities in low-income and fragile economies cannot access affordable, reliable energy. Energy, especially decentralised renewable energy, is a key under-explored enabler for lives and livelihoods, and across sectors, including health, water and education. For everyone to benefit, there must be a shift from the current ‘top-down’ centralised system to a more decentralised energy sector, more responsive to users’ needs.

IIED’s equitable energy team investigates issues affecting energy uptake and impact, including cross-sectoral planning for energy services that target poor and vulnerable communities, inclusive finance models, and productive uses of energy and livelihood development. We convene and work closely with stakeholders from grassroots to governments, businesses and civil society organisations across Africa, Asia and Latin America to build mutual understanding and change mindsets.

Contact: Ben Garside ([email protected]), principal researcher, Shaping Sustainable Markets

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