Keeping the climate talks fair and inclusive for least developed countries

A series of blogs advocating for just climate negotiations in the post-COVID-19 era

This series of blogs, led by IIED experts from a range of disciplines, will raise awareness on the new practical issues and challenges least developed countries face in the post-COVID-19, altered landscape of climate diplomacy.

Post-COVID-19 climate negotiations have resumed, but they come with new ways of working that pose fresh challenges to the most vulnerable countries: from virtual formats that require advanced computer literacy to host countries restricting physical access to fully vaccinated participants.

This series aims to highlight these accessibility issues to decision-makers to ensure that climate talks remain fair and inclusive for all, and to avoid further marginalising the voices of those who suffer the most from the impacts of climate change. Each blog will be a reactive piece in the run-up to, during and after the UN climate summit (COP26) to developments regarding the event’s organisation.