Evidence of impact: evaluating our communications

A series of case studies evaluating our communications activities

Effective communication is at the heart of IIED's work to promote sustainable, equitable development. We aim to engage with audiences around the globe, disseminate our research and promote open dialogue, and make sure our work contributes to change for the public good.

This may involve rolling out a 'campaign' of communication activities and outputs, hosting opportunities for knowledge exchange and learning, or organising events.

The question is, what combination of activities contributes most effectively to the changes we are seeking? Our Communications Group uses a range of methods and tools to evaluate impact. These efforts are driven by our commitment to learning and accountability.

We evaluate on an ongoing basis. The results inform our decision making, our strategic choices and our planning. Evaluating our activities also helps us to learn how to communicate and engage more effectively with our different audiences – from individuals and local communities, to governments and donors.