Climate justice partly served by COP26 final outcome

Reacting to the outcome of COP26 on the basis of the presidency text, IIED director Andrew Norton said:
Press release, 13 November 2021

"With this agreement, climate justice has been partly served. The possibility of limiting global warming to 1.5°C remains alive with the request for countries to further increase ambition in 2022, and with it the chance to save millions of people from the worst impacts of climate change.

“The boost to finance for countries to adapt to climate change lays the foundation for richer countries to go further in paying for the climate chaos they’ve unleashed on developing nations, although only Scotland and some philanthropies have committed funding to address loss and damage. Setting out the process to agree finance goals beyond 2025 is a positive step forward.

“Although COP26 fell short on its claims to be the most inclusive climate talks ever, the outcome at least suggests that the voices of those people on the frontlines of the crisis, who are already losing land, livelihoods and lives, were heard. But there is still a long way to go.”


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