Chinese journalists study growing links between China and Africa

Six Chinese journalists who won fellowships to travel to Kenya to study China-Africa links will brief fellow journalists at a meeting in Beijing on 21 March. The meeting is part of efforts to improve Chinese media coverage of Africa.
Press release, 18 March 2014

The journalists received ten-day fellowships to travel to Kenya to learn about and report on China's growing links with Africa. The fellowships were organised by Yi De Vision, a Beijing-based international media think tank, with support from the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED). 

China is now Africa's largest trading partner, but Chinese journalists rarely report from Africa. As a result, the Chinese public knows little about the continent. 

During their visit to Kenya, the Chinese journalists met with representatives of the Kenyan government, local businesses and academic institutions, as well as with Chinese citizens working in Kenya.

They are developing stories about Kenya for Chinese TV, newspapers and online outlets. The stories will cover topics such as urbanisation in Africa, forestry and livelihoods, wildlife and eco-tourism as well as the relationship between China and Kenya.

At the meeting in Beijing the journalists will discuss their experiences with Chinese media professionals and representatives from civil society and business from China, Kenya and other countries.

The meeting has been organised by Yi De Vision and Our History Magazine, a Chinese publication focusing on international relations, culture and history.


Xiaoxue Weng, a China researcher at IIED  said: "China's links to Africa, through trade and investment, are growing fast and this poses both challenges and opportunities for sustainable development.

"Accurate media coverage of these links is important, as it can contribute to better international understanding and shine a light on issues such as ways China's demand for African natural resources can bring sustainable benefits to the continent."


For more information about the fellowships and the Beijing meeting, contact:

Xiaoxue Weng ([email protected]), researcher (China), IIED's Natural Resources Group

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