Selling forest environmental services: market-based mechanisms for conservation and development

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, 320 pages
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Published: January 2002
ISBN: 1853838888
Product code:9178IIED

Forest destruction throughout the world poses significant risks. Not only are forests a source of valuable timber and non-timber proudcts, but they also provide important environmental services that help sustain life on earth. Only rarely do beneficiaries pay for the services they receive, however, resulting in low incentives to conserve forests, and limiting opportunities for rural development. Market-based approaches are thought to offer considerable promise as a means to promote forest conservation, and as a new source of income for rual communities, but it has proven difficult to translate the tehory into practice. Based on extensive research and case studies of markets for biodiversity conservation, watershed protection, and carbon sequestration, this book demonstrates how payment systems can be established in practice, and describes their effectivenss and their implications for the poor. This state-of-the-art review of emerging markets for forest environmental services will be vital for decision-makers and professionals as well as for researchers, teachers, and students of environmental economics and forestry.

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