Drawers of Water: 30 Years of Change in Domestic Water Use and Environmental Health - Kenya Country Case Study

Case study
, 75 pages
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Published: April 2002
ISBN: 9781904035992
Product code:9050IIED

This study presents the findings of a large-scale, longitudinal, crosssectional study of domestic water use and environmental health in Kenya, based on the landmark book Drawers of Water: Domestic Water Use in East Africa by Gilbert F White, David J Bradley and Anne U White (University of Chicago Press, 1972). That remarkable study reported the results of a multidimensional research effort spanning 34 communities in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda in the late 1960s. Given the quality and breadth of its analysis, Drawers of Water (DOW I) remains one of the most comprehensive and compelling accounts available on household water use in Africa.