Strengthening user-rights over local resources in Wollo, Ethiopia

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Published: January 2001
Drylands Issue Paper
ISBN: 9781843692171
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A range of participatory methodologies are being developed and piloted in Meket Woreda, Ethiopia to strengthen agricultural and off-farm sources of livelihood while promoting longer-term natural resource regeneration. One of these approaches (PLUPI - Participatory Land Use Planning & Implementation) deals with some of the technical and methodological concerns, by following a holistic approach to sustainable land husbandry to complement the Government's agricultural extension programme. This paper shares experience in developing a usufruct procedure, describing the process, achievements and initial impacts. It shows the progress to date and concludes by highlighting the key lessons learnt from the process. It also gives recommendations to those who wish to practice a usufruct-rights approach for sustainable natural resource management.

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