Forest and Farm Facility Annual Report 2023

Project report
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Published: April 2024
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The year 2023 marked an inflection point for the Forest and Farm Facility (FFF). As discussions began around our third phase, we consistently returned to the question: how can we foster innovation while maintaining the FFF's identity? This question stimulated many dynamic conversations. In the varied landscape of transformative initiatives, FFF emerges as a catalyst, transcending conventional programme classifications.

FFF operates in tandem with forest-and-farm producer organisation (FFPO) partners, breathing life into diverse landscape restoration projects but is not simply a restoration programme. FFF embraces a culturally inclusive approach with FFPOs, leaving no one behind regardless of age, gender or ethnicity without being labeled or understood as an Indigenous Peoples programme. While not labelled an investment programme, FFF plays a pivotal role in mobilising investments aimed at improving the resilience of FFPOs and their constituencies. It acts as a strategic enabler, channelling financial resources to strengthen FFPOs' capacities, technologies, governance and action on the ground to sustainably manage landscapes.

This approach positions FFF as a dynamic force in the intersection of environmental and financial sustainability. We are supporting people to better adapt to the effects of climate change, improving resilience, fostering stronger public–private partnerships and leading the charge in combating deforestation.

At its core, FFF is a people-driven force. With FFPO partners across the globe, FFF navigates the intricate fabric of community needs, striving to bring tangible, on-the-ground impact to the forest-and-farm producers and their communities with practical demonstrations of activities that are replicable and scalable. In doing so, FFF redefines the narrative of change, shifting the focus from isolated efforts to a united, people-centric approach.

This report captures a wide range of achievements in these domains, all sharing a global thread of being people-centred, with impact driven by our FFPO partners.

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