Published: November 2023
ISBN: 9781837590582
Product code:21891IIED

Through 14 case studies from climate-hit communities in Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands, this multi-author resource reveals the true impact of ‘non-economic loss and damage’. 

Unlike the destruction of infrastructure or assets, these harms cannot be easily quantified and are often overlooked. But the consequences of losing traditional ways of living, cultural heritage and biodiversity cannot be ignored: they trigger the erosion of community cohesion and resilience and cause trauma, displacement and danger, especially for the most vulnerable people and groups. 

Each author describes the climate hazards assailing a community, who is impacted and how, and current coping mechanisms. This unique resource is intended to support policymakers in understanding the nature and urgency of non-economic loss and damage, and to encourage practitioners to exchange knowledge and solutions from the community level.

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Bharadwaj, R., Okorie, S., Ndhlovu, C., Sibakwe, C., Mtaya, A., Olude, A., Lekwa, H., Mhone, T., Qureshi, F., Tshipa, S., Bartlett, C., Doe, S., Mobolaji, A., Ogar, M., Alih, H., Ajibola, M., Yee, M., McNamara, K., Pratheepa, C., Rengalakhmi, R., Tower, A., Plano, R., El Hamid Sherief, A. and Shija, F. Bharadwaj, R. (eds) and Mitchell, T. (eds) (2023). Living in the shadow of loss and damage: uncovering non-economic impacts. IIED, London.
Available at https://www.iied.org/21891iied