Dialogues on strengthening equitable partnerships

Event/workshop report
, pages
PDF (1.81 MB)
Published: October 2023
Product code:21886IIED

This report presents the outcomes of four dialogues organised by IIED to explore the equitable dimensions of partnerships. The dialogues convened participants representing grassroots organisations, civil society organisations, research organisations and philanthropies in Africa, Asia and the Americas. 

The ensuing discussions shed light on what it means for different organisations to have an equitable partnership and drew together key lessons and recommendations for fostering equitable partnerships. 

This report is part of a wider research project on strengthening ethical and equitable partnerships. Through this research, IIED is working to develop a shared vision for equitable partnerships, embed this thinking in its work and influence the wider sector.

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Wong Pérez, K., Kajumba, T., Nicolini, G., Swiderska, K., Bigg, T., Nakyeyune, A., Mardon, M. and Shakya , C. (2023). Dialogues on strengthening equitable partnerships. IIED, London.
Available at https://www.iied.org/21886iied